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Landesmedienball 2010

Attendance as first chairman of the charitable organization „Ich bin dabei e.V.“ – together with Mario Ohoven, president of BVMW, Ute-Henriette Ohoven, UNESCO ambassador, Jewgenij Schmagin, Consul General of the Russian Consulate General in Bonn.


World Hunger Organization (Welthungerhilfe) – Duesseldorf as a powerful partner

As generally known, Duesseldorf has entered into a partnership with the World Hunger Organization in 2008. The provincial capital of North Rhine-Westphalia aspires after promoting this organization by means of several campaigns and events.

The “Heine-Kreis” and the Maritim Hotel Duesseldorf invited the president of the World Hunger Organization and wife of the German Federal Minister of Interior – Ingeborg Schäuble – to speak about the organization’s ideas and purposes during a joint dinner. Ingeborg Schäuble: “Duesseldorf is a powerful partner for the World Hunger Organization.”

Read the entire article here (in German) [625 KB].



Bettina Rau-Franz is member of the ZONTA-Club and was president of the ZONTA-Club Essen II from 2010 to 2012. ZONTA is an international consolidation of women, who work in executive or self-employed positions. They aim at enhancing women’s status in legal, political, economical and occupational areas. Another essential purpose of ZONTA International is the maintenance of friendships and mutual help.

This idea is expressed best by the motto „ZONTA means encountering – worldwide.”


Heinrich Heine Kreis e.V.

Roland Franz is a member of Heinrich Heine Kreis e.V. in Düsseldorf and a treasurer of the Board of Management since May 2017. The Heinrich Heine Kreis e.V. is a non-partisan and over-confessional circle of independent citizens with a sometimes different cultural background and from different professional groups.The members stand for tolerance, understanding and cosmopolitanism of society, for civic engagement, for charitable purposes and for the promotion of culture, art, music and science.

The aims of the Heinrich Heine Kreis e.V. are the promotion of the relevant discussion in society and politics, the encouragement of international understanding, the support of cultural and art projects also beyond the borders of Dusseldorf, the procurement of funds for charitable purposes and the preservation of the free-spirited mindset of Heinrich Heine and in memory of the founder Karl-Heinz Theisen.